Vcom Product Placement

The process is simple and fast. First we assist in the selection of the perfect stock image. We then shoot your product in our in-house studio. From there our digital artists masterfully compose our shot into the stock image---with flawless results.

Get high production value at a fraction of the cost, all without compromising on style!

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At Vcom Digital we handle everything from full in-house production to assisting studios with their overflow. Go ahead, be creative. You imagine it, we’ll make it happen!

what's new

Up-cycle your SKU-imagery and get the most out of each image.
Vcom Digital can create a variety of compelling content tailored for any channel and audience from just a single image.  The next challenge is figuring out what the company should do with all that extra time and money….“team-building” trip to Costa Rica?

a little motion goes a long way

Cinemagraphs are an elegant way to add eye-catching motion while saving the time and money typically spent on video production.

If you haven’t started playing with this image format-now is the time. Panasonic’s Lumix cinemagraph version of their ad was clicked 60% more than the static one. Need we say more?

in the know

We suggest always shooting with low contrast, also known as “flat” or “soft”. While shooting with high contrast looks good during the shoot, you compromise important detail which is often not retrievable later when editing!

You can always add contrast in post production to accentuate multiple elements. Shooting with low contrast and then bumping it up in post will ensure higher quality, save you time, and get the most detail out of the photography.

recent event

Nearly 10,000 of the top leaders, executives and marketers in the
e-commerce world converged at the 13th annual Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE) June 9-11. If you were able to connect with us at this great event, do stay in touch!

other side of the house

May cover and story shot by Camilla Åkrans
Retouching, Peter Rundqvist of View Imaging:
Vcom Digital’s parent company

Harper’s Bazaar is producing iconic cover photos
for each month’s issue this year in celebration of their
150th anniversary.

For more on the legacy of Harper’s Bazaar see below: